Maria, our boss lady, has been in the beauty industry for more than 5 years. She has attended many different beauty education classes and events all over the country — including Briana Cisneros blonding class in Los Angeles, Vegas Nay Masterclass in Las Vegas, The Atlantic City Beauty Palooza, and several trade shows in New York City — and she plans to attend many more in the future. Maria is most passionate about doing corrective color, blondes, textured cuts, hair extensions, and make up — ranging from bridal to special effects! When she is not busy with the salon, she likes to spend time at home with her three boys: her husband, John, and her two dogs, Andre and Levi. Consider her your best friend if you can talk TV shows or stand up comedy with her. She enjoys traveling with John to places where they can constantly explore and hike. Maria also loves to host parties at her home to watch the Eagles dominate on Sundays.



Caitlin, our hair encyclopedia, has been in the industry for more than 12 years! Caitlin has worked the Nexxus international, The Atlantic City Beauty Palooza, and the Hershey hair show.  She’s attended IBS New York, Babe extension and Davines classes, private cutting classes in New York, and too many more to count!  Caitlin’s an expert in Redheads, lash extensions, angled bobs, period styling, and wedding updos and makeup.  She loves traveling with her boyfriend, Geoff.  They like to bring their good boy, a Britany Spaniel named Remi, to as many places as possible by finding any and every place that allows him in.  When she’s not traveling with her two boys, you can usually find her at the renaissance fair or comic con shows!  Caitlin also loves to go out with friends and experience new restaurants.



Christina, our fashionista, has been in the industry for more than 10 years and has been to tons of shows around the country. Christina enjoyed working New York fashion week with Unite and attending the Vegas Nay Masterclass in Las Vegas, Unite Global Session in San Diego, The New Orleans Hair Show, Reuzel men’s hair show in Philadelphia, Behind the Chair show in Miami, and many more.  She’s most interested in long textured layers, sun-kissed or lived-in hair color, seamless highlights, and classic haircutting.  When she is not busy beautifying the world she loves to walk and cuddle her Frenchie, Lola.  She’s big into fitness and wellness, and with that comes being a major foodie!  She appreciates well-balanced food and cooking new recipes at home.  On her days off she loves relaxing on the beach with her boyfriend, Dom, and letting Lola live her best life by bringing her with!



Sienna has been in the beauty industry for over 6 years. She is always ready to learn something new and grow her creativity. She has attended numerous seminars for balayage, blonding and cutting techniques in NYC. She specializes in blondes, custom balayage and makeup including special effects! When she's not at the salon, she's making funny videos with her 3 younger siblings and spending time with friends. She has a passion and love for Orangetheory fitness, traveling and Philly sports! 



Brittany has been in the industry for roughly 7 years. She hopped on the family train to become a stylist as her mother started her in a salon at a young age. Brittany specializes in everything that deals with blonding. Whether it’s balayage, foilayage, color melts or traditional highlights! She loves texture and dimension, and loves to take on a challenge. She has attended multiple blonding classes from New York to Connecticut. If Brittany isn’t covered in lightener she’s usually at home trying to be crafty with her pomeranian, Fiona and her frenchie pup, Jada!

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Nikki has a passion for perfection in the industry. She’s attended many cutting and barber classes as well as traveling for color classes near and far to perfect her craft. While blonding, hair extensions and lived in color make her go googly-eyed she strives to work on anything that will challenge her or push her past her comfort zone! You can find her late nights at the gym or cooking a bomb meal. She’s also heavily interested in interior design and anything having to do with the latest fashion trends.



Our floofer, Andre, has been Employee of the Month for two straight years at 11 A.M. He’s attended a few classes, including How to Behave 101 (which he is still waiting to pass), Begging for Food Class in Lansdale, Road Trips with Mom and Dad (2017- present), and Potty Training (July 2017-August 2017).  While at the salon, Andre enjoys greeting clients, lying down under salon chairs, and impromptu photoshoots.  On his days off, he loves to play with his brother Levi, cuddle with his mom and dad, chase squirrels, and eat his dinner on the carpet.

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We all are consistently instilling confidence throughout our beautiful family of stylists and guests with creativity, laughter and growing expertise at your home away from home.